Why is
good for your business?

We developed a technology which is affordable and it makes it easy for every developer to create engaging touch screen apps tailored for casual standing use. The Hexapad is a platform which will allow any organisation to create engaging apps which help to streamline their workflows or simply to engage their audience.


Purchase an awesome wablet at a very reasonable price - at least two times less than kiosks with improved functionality.


Give your employees a considerate work incentive with engaging apps and create an enviroment of healthy competition.


When working is fun, great results follow - higher sales, satisfied customers and a better work climate. Reward your employees with badges and achievements.


Personalize all apps to your specific needs and preferences and adapt the apps to your company's graphic design.


Encourage your employees to work together and thus achieve better results than working on their own.


Get all the information you need with just one swipe of your finger - from best performing employees to sales results.

Bring a
Hexapad experience
to your workplace!

Hexapad is not just a fancy new device for your office.
It can shorten waiting lines, entertain waiting customers, provide information to customers after
working hours, give information to employees in real time, etc.

the team
that made it all possible!

Each one of us brings something different to our team. We are determined to make Hexapad a success by our dedication, commitment and vast combined knowledge.