Why is
good for your business?

We developed a technology which is affordable and it makes it easy for every developer to create engaging touch screen apps tailored for casual standing use. The Hexapad is a platform which will allow any organisation to create engaging apps which help to streamline their workflows or simply to engage their audience.


Purchase an awesome wablet at a very reasonable price - at least two times less than kiosks with improved functionality.


Give your employees a considerate work incentive with engaging apps and create an enviroment of healthy competition.


When working is fun, great results follow - higher sales, satisfied customers and a better work climate. Reward your employees with badges and achievements.


Personalize all apps to your specific needs and preferences and adapt the apps to your company's graphic design.


Encourage your employees to work together and thus achieve better results than working on their own.


Get all the information you need with just one swipe of your finger - from best performing employees to sales results.

Bring a
Hexapad experience
to your workplace!

Hexapad is not just a fancy new device for your office.
It can shorten waiting lines, entertain waiting customers, provide information to customers after
working hours, give information to employees in real time, etc.

the team
that made it all possible!

Each one of us brings something different to our team. We are determined to make Hexapad a success by our dedication, commitment and vast combined knowledge.

way to success!

Experience the making of Hexapad from first vague idea to predicted first international shipping.

August 2013: First idea

The first idea of Hexapad was born! Because the idea was so great, Tomaž couldn't sleep at night. And then it was decided - let's do this!

September 2013 Start of the software development

Matjaž started to work on Hexapad by gradually designing the graphical interface and eventually also apps programming in HTML.

January 2014: Team assembling

As part of preparing to open their own startup Irena, Rok and Vito joined in to help make the first prototype and begin the preparations for Kickstarter campaign.

January 2014: First product prototype

When we all agreed how Hexapad should look like, it was time to assemble the first prototype. We chose each component very carefully and tried to find the best ratio between quality and price. We assembled it and then our developer took over by software and apps testing.

February 2014: International model registration

We realized the Hexapad's design is so sexy that sooner or later someone will try to imitate it. Well, now that is no longer possible, at least without facing charges.

February 2014: First public project presentation

We were invited to present this revolutionary new device to entrepreneurship enthusiasts and also those with a lot of entrepreneurial experience. The response was great - they can't wait to see it launched!

June 2014: Kickstarter campaign launch

Full of hopes we launched our project on Kickstarter. We hope everyone will see Hexapad's usability in virtually any workplace and join in the revolution it brings.

July 2014: Preproduction prototype development

Once we have sufficient funds, we'll order new product molds and various other tools for the manufacture of Hexapads. A preproduction will be ussembled and tested so there would be no malfunctions and unpleasant surprises in the future.

September 2014: Start of manufacturing

Once we're satisfied with the prototype, the manufacturing can finally begin. Each component will be thoroughly checked and each Hexapad will be manually assembled in the EU.

November 2014: First Hexapads delivered

First 16 Hexapads will be delivered to our most loyal fans a whole month ahead of everyone else. And not only this, each Hexapad will come with a complimentary plaque with our signatures.

December 2014: Start of international shipping

Once the manufacturing starts running smoothly, Hexapad revolution can go international! Many people and companies all over the world will be receiving Hexapads, Hexachains and other signs of our appreciation for their support!

Don't miss your golden opportunity!